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The Fabian Fernandez Story

Fabian Fernandez photoBorn in 1974 (just outside London, England), Fabian was introduced to music at a very early age. With a colorful cultural mixture of Puerto Rican on his dad's side, and Welsh on his mother's, always a character, Fabian enjoyed singing, playing music, and entertaining people!

He began playing his first guitar, a gift from his dad (a professional musician and Fabian's primary musical influence), at the age of 8. At 10, Fabian began playing guitar in the local Church Choir in South Wales, where the family had re-located. At home in the Fernandez family, music was a regular thing with Fabian, his brother and his 2 sisters all playing different instruments and singing.

At age 15, Fabian played his first professional guitar gig alongside his older brother (on drums), playing in his father's band, "Phil Fernando & the Rhythm Express". Depending on the line-up of musicians, Fabian would switch off between rhythm guitar, and bass, as well as singing back-up vocals, and occasionally lead vocals. The band covered a cross section of styles and the experience of playing with his father would be the start of many musical adventures!

After leaving high school at the age of 16, Fabian attended a local College to study Computer Studies in the town of Aberysytwyth, West Wales. This 3 year period suited Fabian down to the ground, as he studied, partied, took up Martial art training, and played an abundance of gigs in the local area with various Rock bands, (whilst continuing to play with his fathers' band). Fabian listened to lots of different styles of music throughout his teenage years, and his main guitar influences were: Angus Young, David Gilmore, Robert Cray, BB King, Albert Collins, Richie Blackmore, Jimi Hendrix, Brian May, Steve Vai, George Benson and Wes Montgomery. During this time Fabian also began to travel and see different countries whenever the opportunity arose. In 1994, Fabian moved to Liverpool to study music. This program was a one year course designed to teach a wide variety of musical areas in a very intensely structured environment. The course was led by Lenny Gray, a great teacher and mentor to Fabian. After passing this course with Distinction, and achieving the highest scores the college had ever recorded, Fabian applied for, auditioned and was accepted at the prestigious "Leeds College of Music" to study guitar on the "Bachelors Degree in Jazz Studies". Whilst at Leeds, Fabian was surrounded by some of the best young Jazz musicians in the UK, and it was an awesome and amazing time that only a selected few get to experience.

After Graduating from Leeds, Fabian moved to Miami, Florida in 2000, where he spent 2 years playing and teaching music. In 2002, he made his way across country on a road trip to Los Angeles, California - where he lives and works as a professional musician; performing (with various bands), teaching, recording (as a session musician), and arranging.

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